Sunday, 8 November 2009

Menu - Monday Mission

Painted Maypole hosts, plans and manages, the Monday Mission challenges. She's a real trooper; in more ways than one. To see who is playing this week, hop over to her blog and follow the links. This week's challenge was to do a menu. I, erm, twisted it a bit.

Here, then, is what I dream of finding among my texting software's drop down menus. The Ultimate Edit Menu.


  1. oh man, that was great! that would be the best editing menu ever.

  2. oh, i want that menu, too. particularly the find perfect quote. how often am I digging around on google to find just the quote I'm thinking of?

    I love when people take the mission and do something unexpected with it. Well done!

    I finished my mr. linky issue and have you all linked up on my blog.

  3. Great menu for writers!

    BTW, my first link doesn't work, but the second one does.

  4. Fantastic, Mary! I want that menu for my writing. I love the images you picked.

  5. Mary I mention you in my post today and have a little something for you to take home if you want to. here's the link