Monday, 16 November 2009

Monday Mission - Verse or worse.

The sun is shining here today,
It lifts my flagging spirit high.
Without the sun, my day is gray.

But on this fine November day
My words and fingers seem to fly.
The sun is shining here today

And so my today my life is gay.
To write some poetry I'll try.
The sun is shining here today.

The Monday Mission game I'll play
For good rhymes with my friends to vie.
The sun is shining here today

It seems to make things go my way
While smiling down from the blue sky.
Without the sun, the day is gray.

My friends are like a warm sun ray
They daily lift my spirits high.
The sun is shining here today.
Both sun and friends relieve the gray.

This is somewhat of a cheat on the verse form Villanelle.
The first and third line of the opening verse are supposed to be repeated verbatim at set intervals throughout the poem and again as the last two lines. But when did I ever do a Monday Mission without cheating just a bit.

But what it is trying to say is that you lot of Monday Missioners are a great group and make my life better. Earlier this week Kaye gave me an award, and I am really thrilled. Thank you, Kaye, but I think you give me just as much or more as I have ever given you.

You all do. And so I am passing it along to all of you.

The link is now up at Painted Maypole and there are some great and greatly funny poems to be found there. I personally give thanks for Maypole who keeps this thing going.


  1. Ah, the warm fuzziness. Hurray for sunshine and friends!

    I like the way you "cheated" with the poem. I think your twist at the end worked charmingly!

  2. aw, shucks.... thanks.

    and... you did one! Well done. And I LOVED how you changed he end just a little. he he. hey, it's not playing along if you don't PLAY a little.

  3. "the sun is shining here today"

    Excellent, resonant line. Last week we had the typical leaden skies of November, and it is wonderful to hear "the sun is shining here today!"