Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where I Live - Monday Mission

Whumping across the landscape, our
Helicopter circles the house where we live.
Enjoying the ride, I
Rapidly click the camera
Edging forward, pressing against the window

It's a lovely, lovely day -

Limpid sun, windless, a fine haze on the horizon.
I take more photos as we swing around,
Viewfinder almost useless as the sun flashes on the window
Enveloping the scene in golden rays.I live in the green and beige house at the edge of the little clearing.

This has been a Monday Mission in the form of an acrostic. To find other participants in the MM, please go to the site of our moderator, the amazing Painted Maypole. And we'd love it if you would play along.


  1. Our helicopter? Just how it came out, right?

    Looks a lot like eastern Ontario. Oh yeah ... :)

  2. What a lovely view of a lovely place--and lovely words to go with it.

  3. I love that you started with "whumping."

    And I love the shadows in the top photo. So cool.

    That sounds like a fantastic experience. I've never been in a helicopter. How did you come to be in one?

  4. I've seen something similar to this once here, haven't I? A stunning location.

  5. Thanks, Kaye.
    alejna, the family gave my husband the joyride as a birthday gift.
    Woman in a Window, yes, we had a similar helicopter tour ten years ago, after the big ice storm here, to get some grasp of what had happened to the bush. We did a lot of low flying directly over our land and I took lots of photos, several of which I have posted here from time to time.
    Anvil Cloud, yep, Eastern Ontario in all its glory. I loved going up at this time of year with no snow as you can spot every swale and wetland clearly.

  6. where you live seems so...BIG.

    it's lovely.