Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Catching Up

For the last two weeks I have been working flat out on an election blog for our municipality.  I got involved with the local Business and Tourism Association which has an election committee and found myself very much involved in the all-candidates' meeting that the Association runs.  There's quite a split in public opinion and the position of candidates here, one side being somewhat similar to the Tea Party in the States (only I guess it should be a Timmy Party here, hmm?) and the other much more "small L"  liberal.

Anyway, there is a lot of controversy and the group was afraid that the all-candidates meeting might get out of hand.  They decided that to keep it on a more even keel, all questions for candidates would have to be submitted in writing before the meeting got underway.  And it became my job to number the questions coming in, type them onto a laptop and project each one up on a screen at the front of the hall as it was selected.

I borrowed my husband's lap-top, with its small screen and equally cramped keyboard and spent an unhappy hour hunched over it on an inadequate table, sorting and typing frantically.  I would not have been finished save that the Ratepayers Association had seven pre-determined questions and dropped them into the question boxes in multiples.  They would have flooded the questions if we had simply been pulling questions from the box, a somewhat sneaky ploy that is typical of how this campaign is going.

What with all of the meetings around that and the extra meetings generated by a review of the strategic plan at the Health and Community Services board of which I am past chair, I have been driving in and out of the village a lot.  And looking sadly at the fall folliage and glorious fall flowers as I whip past with no time to spare.  Yesterday I finally carved out some spare time on my way to physiotherapy and got some photos done for the 'fluff' prompt.  And I've had a few other quick stops. Given the unusually rainy and windy September we have had and the fact that there is so much moisture that the fall colours are unusually muted, my fall haul is not as good as usual.

But, for what it's worth, here is a bit of catch-up.
048/365  The stream is running high.

049/365  The colours are muted this fall.

050/365  Even my faithful red maple is mostly gold.

051/365  The milkweed pods are popping open.

052/365 Fluff!

053/365  A wild aster (also called 'Farewell Summer') and the fluff flying.

054/365.  Sunset last night - and today it is raining.  Again.

055/365.  Isn't he a sweetie?  Collected by Little Stuff last weekend, he sat for his portrait so that we could identify him.  Guess which end is the head.


  1. Hi! It's good to see you here and know that all is well, if busy. (I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset.)

  2. I picked something like that last one off my parsley not too long ago. UGH. But that

  3. I like your photos and think they are all very lovely.
    Good for you getting so engrossed in your questions. Sounds mighty interesting. Hope it all went well.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. I love how busy you are. The colors have been muted here as well.

  5. Hi Mary, I dropped in from the Raindrops blog. It was fun reading AC's account of meeting a fellow blogger (youself) in a cheese shop. It is indeed at times a very small world we live. I read several of your postings and can agree being retired does keep some of us busier than ever. It's true for me as well.

  6. A lovely post and photographs, a lovely site. It is good to meet another Lanark dweller!