Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Goodbye Sun

A long line of gray clouds is pushing in across the sky, ending five days of the most perfect fall weather I remember for a long time.  All of Thanksgiving weekend was spectacular; days full of sun and skies so bright a blue as to dazzle the eye.  My family came out from the cities where they live and played and took marvellous photographs, while I stuffed stuffed bird in and out of the oven and prepared The Feast.  The event also included JG's birthday and so two cakes were added to the traditional pumpkin and apple pies.  And cookies, some of which were part of JG's birthday gift.
056/365  A work of art!  Little Stuff and her mother made this woodland scene for Grampa.  And it is delicious!

Meanwhile, I have been lugging my camera around in the car (and driving somewhat erratically) as I looked at the scenery more than the road.  Have you ever noticed how many power lines polute the pristine vistas of Ontario?  So, craft having been the object, I took long shots and have just finished editing out the junk.

057/365  Long view.

I've been somewhat obsessed by these long views - here are a few of the results.  Where I've had to do a major edit, I'm putting in both before and after.  In the one above, for instance, I erased the power lines by using a cut and paste.  The little cloud, for example, is bigger in the cleaned version as I used it to cover some of the power line.  I use Corel PhotoPaint for this kind of thing.

058/365 This one worked
And this one, not.

 059/365 - down our road.

Here's another power line edit, this one of a local church where the old, crumbling headstones were reset and preserved.

I should have t aken out the wire on the far left as well.  Or cropped more.

 This is the original - of a barn a few hundre metres down the road from where we live.  It's taken in the last of the light.  Then I played with it.
This is what happens when you play with the intensity and light values to equalize the two halves.  Kind of neat.

And, because they are so beautiful, my Thansgiving flowers.  Thanks, YD.
Gee, I'm on the last day of September in posting photos.  Sigh.


  1. Powerlines do ruin many views. Congratulations on your patience in editing them out, however.

  2. That's what I need to learn to do--edit out power lines. Although I do love the picture of the church--all of the orange hues make it lovely autumn picture. and I didn't even notice the last bit of power line until I read the text.

  3. I need to learn to do some of that stuff to. I shouldn't be afraid to try. I think I need to try something other than a point and shoot. My favorite was the sun flare over the field. Nice edit. That's a beautiful boquet of fall flowers as well.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that Maine also has LOTS of power lines which have been getting in my way as I try to photograph fall foliage on our road trip through Maine. Nice that you edited them out of your photos and while I could try doing that as well, don't have any editing program on this netbook (sigh :-(

  5. When I was in Japan, the power lines ruined some lovely views.They were everywhere.
    Even here they seem to be prolific.

    You made a good job of the photos and those forest cookies/ sweets looked simply delicious.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. have never tried to edit out power lines, often I will give up on a shot because of them. maybe I'll try someday.