Thursday, 21 October 2010

Leaves and Lingering Light

It's the very last of the warm, crunchy autumn weather here - almost all of our leaves are stripped off and have, with great noise and effort, been piled into composting heaps.  But the oaks are still bearing leaves in beautiful shades - mahogany, ochre, sienna.  The oak trees, large and small, stand out against the bare branches and the deep shades of the evergreens.


Besides the oak leaves, only the tamaracks are still providing colour - blazing away like golden candles in the marshy lands they prefer.


Over the last two days, trying to make up for the hiatus in posting for the 365 project, I have been taking my camera around the area with me, perched precariously on the passenger seat, trying to manage my meetingfull life to give me time to leap out of the car (or, at least, hang the camera out of the car window) and record some of the beauty of the countryside.

I've been especially attracted to old, battered buildings and to the way the long light falls and blazes and glows in the late afternoons.  Here are some of the results to get me up to date and allow me to deal with Sue's next challenging prompt in a more timely way.  A fair number of these were taken at Last Duel park in Perth where there is a very old cemetary and access to the Tay River.

079/365 Tay River

080/365 A glowing oak at the park

081/365 A gull makes a loud comment

082/365 The last leaf

083/365 Long light - with the cemetary in the distance

084/365 the cemetary again.

085/365 glowing sky

086/365 - sunset across the fields

I think I am now up to date and I will get to the old barns on a day when inspiration has failed me.  On to 'idiomatic'.


  1. You have a park called Last Duel? What an awesome name.

    Love the gull!

  2. beautiful pictures and poetic words to go with them.

  3. I like the long shadows one and the seagull, as he looks like he's trying to say something very important.

  4. love the leaf on the water, and the glowikng sky pics