Thursday, 12 April 2007

It's looking a lot like.......

a soggy, mushy mess. This was the view outside my back door this morning. It is pasted together like this because I took three shots from the door, not wanting to wade through six inches of the stuff in my slippers. I have a 'stitch' function in my photograph editing suite, but it only works if the shots you want to meld are lined up fairly well horizontally. Anyway, there it is and that is my back yard. The grass in summer gets cut with a riding mower! The piece that shows way in the back is actually quite large; it's the angle that makes it look like a narrow strip. We have about the same amount of space to the left side, and on the right the laneway extends over to all the outbuildings.
It is a truth universally to be acknowledged that all Canadians like to grouse about the weather. This lovely white blanket was over six inches deep. We live at the end of a gravel road, which, because the township has not deigned to grade yet this spring, is a minefield of potholes. I think the champion hole is probably a yard wide and two feet deep. (Note that I am an unreconstructed, lamebrained Canadian who has never mastered metric linear measurements.) Now, cover this with six inches of slush so that the location of the potholes can only be guessed at. Imagine yourself picking your way along at 2 mph when you look up and see the school bus bearing down on you. Not fun. No, precious, no!
Anyway, it certainly was pretty before I had to go and drive in it. Even if admiring it is an unCanadian thing to do.


  1. Grouse, grouse, grouse. What else is there to do to pass the long, dark winter, if you don't ski?

    (Well, for me? Read, read, read. But grousing has its honourable social function amongst we Canadians!)

    As to the measurements? I'm just shy of twenty years younger than you; metric came in when I was in high school. Thus my internal measuring framework is a truly Canadian compromise:

    - km or miles for long distance, interchangeably
    - pounds for my own weight
    - grams and kg for produce
    - cm and metres for short distances
    - BUT feet and inches for height (though I know mine in cm)
    - miles/gallon, always
    - Celcius for temperature, always
    - tablespoons and cups for cooking
    - litres for gas and milk

    My children? They think almost exclusively in metric. It's a clear generational divide.

    Well. That was loooong, for a first comment. I won't go on so next time!

  2. One advantage to this crazy up-and-down weather? Now the Pie greets every morning by looking excitedly out the window and announcing "Snow!" or "There's no snow!" depending on the day. It's like a fun surprise every morning.

  3. This storm hit us yesterday. Whopeee. The worst part? Pushing a stroller through slush. Yuck.

    I love that photo composite.