Friday, 24 October 2008

Living in the Country

This is a black cherry (native wild northern cherry) in bloom last May. The tree grows along the fence line just opposite my kitchen porch. This year it had the heaviest crop of blossom I have seen for twenty years.
I planned to take a matching photo of the fruit when it matured. We had a rainy summer and the crop was heavy; unfortunately, just as the fruit matured (to a beautiful reddish black), the weather was lousy, overcast and dark. One morning the sun finally came out and I grabbed my camera, only to find that the sun was slanting the wrong way, putting a shimmering haze of mist between the lens and the tree. The air was filled with the noise of wings, flutters and chirps. An invisible flock of robins was gorging on the cherries. By the time the sun rolled around to a better position, all the fruit was gone and so were the robins. But it sure was fun to listen to them.
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  1. Sounds like a beautiful, beautiful tree when it's full of fruit! I have to say, I love you attitude. I would probably be super irritated that all the fruit was gone, but you enjoyed the sounds of the birds instead. I love that!

  2. I have a mountain ash that gets a red-orange berry which birds love; it makes them somewhat drunk. Funny to watch.

  3. Overcast light can actually be really beautiful for photos, although counter-intuitive I know. Next time shoot first and ask questions later... those blossoms are lovely. You're a lucky woman.