Saturday, 11 October 2008

Throughout the Autumn Lands

Yesterday afternoon I took a drive with a good friend and neighbour whom I will call the 'Sugarlady' and with her small grandson who was out of school recovering from a virus. My friend has lived here all her life and knows all the back roads, twisty trails ('no winter maintenance beyond this point') and highpoints. Her camera was not working and so my job was to leap out of the van with my digital at all the best places and take shots for both of us. Grandson got into the act as well and pointed out beautiful views, usually when we were on a trail so narrow there was no place to stop. Anyway, here are some of the choices we made. Sugarlady particularly wanted reflections, and so there are quite a few.

Umperson Road, YD

Dalhousie Lake, and the nameless lake on the Snow Road

I don't have a clue where we were, here.
Beaver Pond
Lodore Road

Above Patterson Lake. I think.

I got so thoroughly lost, what with the many access roads we were on, that I am going to have to get Sugarlady to label most of these.
These are some of about 60 shots we took in two hours. And I defy even Colorado to produce a better day than this one.


  1. Well - Monday through Friday were the most gorgeous days possible .. cool, no clouds, brilliant views (and yellow aspens at altitude.) But Saturday - the day I had planned a hike with a work colleague - we set off in clouds what were so close they were almost touchable. We decided to stay low, but half way through our walk we were hit with driving rain (almost sleet) and strong winds. My hike-mate, who has been in Colorado a while, had not even brought an impermeable: "it only rains in the mountains," said she. Hah.

    I miss the leaves - and you guys!

  2. I trust you were goretexed to the max. Little Stuff and her mother waxed some leaves -- will send them on.
    both the turkey and all of us were well stuffed.

  3. looks so great! beaver pond is my favorite!

  4. I would give anything to see all that with my own eyes.