Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Annual Office Cleanse

If you page back a bit in this blog you will find several sets of before-and-after office cleaning posts, with photos.  I will not inflict the photos on you again; indeed, if you have seen one 'after' shot, you have seen them all.  And the 'before's are always embarrassing.  As in, 'how could you let it get to this state!?'  Let me just mention that there is some desktop showing and the 'To Be Filed' folder is bursting.  And by Monday morning I have to have the minute book for one of my organizations complete.  This means that the desktop will immediately vanish again and my floor will be covered with little white paper circles leaking from the three hole punch.

Maybe I need coffee before I tackle that.

112/365  Amaryllis

I did take a break from the frenzied hurling of paper into recycle bags to take a few photos.  I used the D90, mainly because I know it better and I wanted to try to capture the quality of the light today.  We've had snow on and off and the sky is sort of a bruised blue/gray and all the whites are flat.  I was playing around with the amaryllis when I looked out and saw our frequent visitor - a six point buck - at the feeding station. 

 113/365 One horned deer

 With one horn.  We found the other one yesterday in the snow beside the pails of feed.  But the deer seemed in no way concerned.

114/365 The third shot is my witch ball.  Untouched by any editing.  Probably the best shot to display the light.


  1. Nice shots all.

    Cleanup is good. I have been shredding 2007 bills, receipts and statements.

  2. great shots all.

    my office needs a cleanse, but as it will be moving (hooray! finally, we'll have a HOME again!) in a month, I guess I'll just do it as part of the packing.

  3. and I would think it would be hard to walk with the lopsided weight on one's head. but then, I'm not a deer

  4. I've slowly been shredding too. But it seems I've nothing to show for it....... except the paper.
    Lovely pictures.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May