Thursday, 13 January 2011


When I need to learn or refresh my mind on how a program works, I play.  Here I am playing in Corel Photopaint.
 126/365  This is a preset effect called 'zigzag', set at normal.

 127/365  I made this into a duotone, returned the colour to it (RGB) , on one colour plane and then turned it back into a .jpg.  Not sure I could get the same effects again. She is a flaming red-head, though.

128/365  Playing with the light values in gray scale and then scrubbing the background. 

Okay, playtime is over.  Must read minutes and meeting notes now.  Snivel!


  1. It's good to play. Not sure what you meant exactly by "turning it back into a jpg." AFAIK, jpegs can be rgb or srgb.

  2. cool! I actually really like the first one.

  3. I exported it from CorelDRAW as a .jpg, no compression.

  4. Cool. I love, love, love that last shot. She looks like mercury.