Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stuck in the Middle of Winter

 186/365  This is what JG has been busy doing for the last week or so.  We don't have deep snow yet and this has given him the opportunity to start on the stove wood for 2012 ... or, maybe, 2013.

We went to Wheelers' Pancake House and Sugar Camp for lunch today.  There was a soft snow fall but the cloud was breaking up and giving some definition to the snow.  This is the old sugar camp that they keep as decoration.

 187/365.  I was trying to catch the differences in light as the sun tried to break through.  Not too successfully, but this is the best of a bad lot.

And the second best.  These two photos show the multitude of main lines used to pump the sap from the trees to the big gathering tanks at the main camp.  Wheelers' is a big, big operation.


  1. Come to think of it, it won't be that long until we all flock there or to one of the other places. I quite like the food at Temples, and it's close.

  2. You don't have deep snow yet? it looks deep to me. We had 40* weather during the week and most of our snow is gone. I'm glad. We had such a long winter last year.

  3. Wow. I can't imagine having to organise that much wood for one's stove! Cossetted city dweller that I am.

  4. Loth, we have two wood stoves that we use spring and fall and a wood burning furnace that we use this time of year. The pile is one of many scattered through various "landings" in the bush.

    Kaye, no, you can still walk without snowshoes. Deep is when you step off a packed trail and sink to your hips. This is a light snow year so far. We didn't get anything much until mid December. Our snow will stay until April and we can expect snowfall well into April.

    AC, yes, indeed. A month at the most.

  5. gorgeous pictures.

    love the new header, too, btw.

  6. (the cabin one, in particuar, is great. the contrasts)

  7. ah, a man, a plan, an axe, and, wha-la, firewood.

    While I was growing up that's how we heated our house- less expensive than other alternatives.

    About 3 years ago, My parents went the pellet stove route and are toasty warm. Now 74, my dad retired from wood cutting, stacking, splitting, stacking closer to the house, moving wood into the house, restacking it again, and finally burning wood.

    The sugar house picture is gorgeous and makes me want to have freshly baked bread and maple butter....mmmm can't find maple butter in the West, or its very pricy.