Thursday, 27 January 2011


 140/365  This is a cropped longshot of my family putting out deer feed.  And of the dog, being sternly reprimanded for eating same.

 141/365  This is a shot of the feeding station and the house the way the deer see it.  In the right foreground is an apple tree that is pruned absolutely clean as far up as a deer can reach standing on its hind legs.  Deer love apple leaves.

142/365  This is the deer feed.  The Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario, has developed a recipe for winter feeding.  There are oats, bran and other grains, as well as pellets of something or other, and the whole mess is mixed with a bit of molasses.

I took my new camera out around 4:00 pm today to play with aperture and shutter priority and with white balance in the long afternoon light.  The sun was shining as I got dressed and ready to go out but just a few minutes after I stepped out the door, a nasty black band of cloud came up and obscured the sun.  A lot of my shots have turned out blue, therefore, and I will have to play again later.  Here are some of the gleanings from today and a few other similar tries.

 143/365 Squirrel at the base of the bird feeder, with handy escape hole.  There are all sorts of tunnels and holes around the feeders and will be more as the snow gets deeper.

 144/365.  Just after the sun ran off and left me.

 145/365  Depth shot all to hell.  If you squint you can see the deer trails.

 146/365.  Upped the aperture to F8.  Still not good depth, but better.

 147/365  Milkweed pods.  Luckily close up not so much affected by the lighting.

148/365.  My beloved wood stove.  Late afternoon light is reflecting on the chimney wall.  Needs more contrast.


I am skipping a few more than 30 days here and putting myself back on the correct day.  Some frantic fill in will happen.  Sometime. 

 183/365.   Half Way Open. 
Himself brought me rosebuds a week ago today.  This is as far as they have opened.


  1. Red roses, and it's not even Valentine Day. Nicely done with the black background. I don't suppose you're going to get the same quality with your new camera, but it's portable, and you can capture the essential image.

  2. I don't understand cameras, but I do love looking at your photos! Lovely roses, too.

  3. the picture of the rosebuds is just lovely and how nice of "himself" to bring them to you. I thought your post about feeding the deer was very interesting--winter is hard on the critters. I thought it was interesting about the molasses. I'm sure that's to make it a little more tasty for them--a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

  4. Lovely balance in the rose photo. Very striking.

  5. love the roses! (and the picture of them, the way the light hits, and the black background. stunning)