Thursday, 6 January 2011

Blue Winter World

I spent the day in the city, spending my Christmas money in our outsized bookstore and also buying myself a new iron.  I have had a cordless iron for some years but it died, choked by water deposits, just before Christmas.  I had a lot of tablecloths to prepare for festive meals and so I hastened into Canadian Tire (ah, American friends, what you are missing) and bought a cheapie, with cord.  And hated every tangled and frustrating moment of ironing 104" tablecloths with it.  Unfortunately, Santa did not notice this debacle and so I treated myself to a replacement for my cordless one today.  I shall give the offending corded one to the Reuse Centre at our local dump.

The YD and I went to a theatre after this retail therapy and saw The King's Speech.  Highly recommend this film.  Excellent acting, although I think the Queen Consort is somewhat miscast.  It's probably specially affecting and interesting if you know your 20th century British history, but I think it would be a good movie even if you did not have the background.

I am also posting two more pictures - taken on our beaver ponds yesterday afternoon with my nice new little camera.  Good thing I did not take the biggie as I got a lot of snow dumped on me getting to the ponds, but little guy was safe in my pocket, wrapped in a spare mitten.  I thought the sunset shots would be the best, but in truth I like the dark aftermath of sunset the best.

110/365 Sunset on the upper beaver pond.

111/365 Blue Winter World

The tiny black blob in the centre of this shot is JG out on the ice chopping holes with an axe to test the ice thickness.  It's skatable!  Whee.


  1. love them both, but agree that the post sunset one is a better picture.

    MQ is dying to go ice skating!

    we saw The King's Speech today, thought it very good. Which Queen Consort (I had to google that) didn't you like, Mary or Elizabeth?

  2. I didn't think Bonham Carter was a good Elizabeth. Too edgy. But probably more my perception of her than an actual criticism - she did a pretty good job. She didn't look right (the YD said she was too thin.)

  3. ps Mary was the Queen Dowager at that point. (or the Queen Mother, if you prefer, but that's used more for Elizabeth than it was for Mary.)

  4. she was the Queen Consort at the start of the film, though, yes? ;)

    I liked HBC. My hubby said she had a nice edge to her, which he had always heard she had. My aunt lives in England and has talked about how people just adored her as "the Queen Mum", and that she was very much the "people's queen" I did notice as the film went on that they made it appear that she was getting thicker.

  5. Wow! Two posts in a row. Does this mean that MG is officially back in business.

    Loved the film. It's amazing how good a film can be if you leave out chase scenes and shootouts. I'd include nudity, but I'm still not sure about that. lol

    What the heck is an iron? Something to do with golf? I'm confused. You plug in golf clubs and beat tablecloths with them?

  6. I love both your pictures--espicially the sunset.

    I love my cordless iron!

    I want to see the Kings Speech too--I hope I can find someone to go with me.

  7. must have missed this one when you wrote it, oops! love those pics, I've been skating out here in WA too, but I left my ice chopper behind at home watching the dogs (and working), so I just had to trust that the other skaters were heavier than me (they turned out to be kids, whoops) but all was well :)

    Americans have no concept what they are missing, do I ever miss that store!