Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Feeding the Deer

 We put out MNR deer ration and corn on some rocks near the back of our field behind the house, hoping to see deer and turkeys.  We've had no turkeys lately, but we have a lot of deer. These photos are all taken from one angle because the deer can't see me there.  Sometimes they won't spook if I go out on the deck, but mostly they run.    This is at the outer limit of my telephoto and ability to hand-hold.  Lots of fun! 

129/365  Taken on January 9th.  I increased the contrast a bit because it was a misty afternoon.  Taken about 3:30 pm.  They will turn their rumps to the camera, drat them.

130/365  Taken Monday morning, January 17th.  The doe on the left does not belong to this group and is being driven back if she approaches any closer.  There's also one big doe (doing the chasing) a mid sized doe and two fawns, tails to camera.

131/365.  This is Mr One Horn.  He dropped the other antler right beside the feeding rocks and we have it stored in the barn.  I have seen what I think is this deer, hornless, but we had a snowfall.  I will do an antler search in the spring.  Taken very late afternoon, cloudy day.

132/365  This is the biggest group we have had.  I took this one on Sunday.  There
were actually nine deer but only eight show in this shot - they were two different groups that did not co-exist well.  Number one is tail to the camera left of the cedar, two is looking over three's back, four and five are trying to sneak up on the corn, six and seven are guzzling and eight is the fawn at far right.  Often the fawns get chased off, but this one belongs, I think, to the biggest doe.  


  1. You must be tempted at times to go get yourself a big zoomer.

  2. After our recent two foot snow, we saw some tracks out in the back of our side yard. Upon investigation, it was deer! I was betting a dog because we live next to a park and have never seen deer in three and a half years. There were big impressions in the snow like they lay down. How I wish I had seen that.

    Love your pictures, especially the last one.

  3. Mr. One Horn is so cool! Hope you get the second antler in the spring, I bet a matched pair of drops would look very nice on a cabinet somewhere :)

  4. Thats a lovely, interesting post. Your photos were getting better & better! Well done for getting such a large group of deer.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. The closest we come to wildlife in our back yard is squirrels. That's why I bought the bird feeder.

  6. Those are gorgeous, gorgeous photos. The deer are nice, too ;)