Thursday, 24 May 2007

Grandma is grossed out.

I bought my four year old blossom a Happy Meal the other day. Her mother lets her have one very infrequently for a treat and since I was babysitting, I thought I would indulge both of us. (I have a low taste for cheeseburgers -- tsk!)

This is what came out of the Happy Meal box. It has a battery. It cries and says 'TA TA'. The mind boggles.

Little Stuff loves it.


  1. Ogre baby!! You really should brush up on your Shrek...heh

  2. We only got four of the Wizard of Oz toys before they switched to this. There will be no Mickey D's until summer ends.

    Is it saying "Ta Ta" because it wants to nurse? (I'm really unsullied when it comes to Shrek, too, which has become a point of honor, given my child is named Fiona.)

  3. Ta Ta? Like, as in, ta tas? That is weird.

  4. We have two: the ogre baby girl and the ogre baby boy. The only redeeming feature is that we also have the adult Shrek doll who, when you press the button says, "I'm an ogre!" There is actually nothing cuter than a not-quite-two-year-old saying "I'm an ogah!" in an exaggerated Scottish accent.

  5. I think that 'TA Ta" is baby talk for thank you -- in the UK, anyway.

    Bubandpie, I love it. I really do! All Little Stuff did was fall around laughing. When we took her home she informed her mother that the baby ogre had to stay in her suitcase 'because grama said it was very annoying'.

  6. Ben and Jack got the Shrek babies on Friday. They were interested in them for about three minutes. And now they are lost amongst all of the other plastic cheapo toys strewn throughout the house.