Saturday, 5 May 2007

Lilac Watch, May 5th.

There have been a lot of popping noises around the place this last two days as the buds unfurled at manic speed, responding to sun and warmth. And the first trout lilies are here -- JG found them for me yesterday afternoon. So, for Andrea, here they are, as well as a shot of the tiny leaves. Unfortunately they are maple leaves and they are pinky/green, so the 'mist of green' effect she wanted is not yet available here.

aka Dogtoothed Violets. Had to take the picture today as her mommy is bringing Little Stuff out tomorrow. She demanded to be taken to Grama and Grampa's house 'to pick flowers'. How did she know?

And here is the lilac, with its leaves just out and one future blossom plumping up.

Also, it's windy enough that the [censored] flies are not biting. Who could ask for anything more.


  1. We're about 3 weeks behind you out here. These pics make me eager for the spring that is to come.