Sunday, 13 May 2007

Lilac Watch, May 13

Pussy toes, strawberries, trilliums and lilac,
Sunlight in the woodland, blackflies on the breeze,
Shivering quivering the warm breath of spring.....
(Sorry Gord!)

Trillium patch


Flower buds are moving right along


My yard, where the flowers are.
The trillium patch is to the left of the leaning birch tree. The pussytoes are not open enough to photograph yet. I'll add them later.

Just in passing: 'The National Post' carried an article on mommyblogging on Saturday. Rather a different perspective!


  1. Oh, I'm jealous. We got out to a garden centre to look for ground cover for our tiny 10 x 10 foot raised garden in the front. I want your place! Beautiful.

  2. Look at all that green! Lovely, soft, vibrant spring green. It's everywhere, and it makes me very happy.

    Re: the article on mommy blogging. You know, if I could make a living (or even just a little money) blogging, I'd be very happy! Evidently Ms. Lawrence does it without ads: I wonder how?