Monday, 7 May 2007

I'm volunteering for a meme

The question was:

What is the most weight you gained with a pregnancy and do you dare post a picture.

Can't remember the weight gain, but here's the pic. taken ten days before Her Birthday. My mother was quite nervous. 'Go home,' she said, 'and do not have the baby on the way!' I was, on the day of birth, ten days overdue.
Oh, yeah.
What did you like the most about pregnancy? I felt wonderful, I was never sick, I even looked great.
What did you like the least? Getting kicked in the bladder, the ribs, the stomach. Well, you know the drill. The nightly gymnastics display even kept my husband awake.
My best pregnancy kick story: I was invigilating an exam for a bunch of adolescent boys and was sitting on a desk with my arms braced behind me and a stack of foolscap on what was left of my lap. The gymnast gave a good kick and the paper shot off my lap and flew all over the floor. I leave it to you to picture the expressions on the faces of those 14 and 15 year olds.
Edit: If you want to see one gorgeous pregnant lady, go to GingaJoy's post 'And Speaking of No Shame.' That's beauty!


  1. Oh my gosh! Do I remember this!?! This is how I looked during both my pregnancies. And it wasn't really that long ago (6 years was my last baby). I have two kids and gained 50 pounds with each. I had to wear my husband's T-shirts near the end (he wears an extra-large) and they sloped like a tent between my shoulders and belly.

    Great blog. And thanks for visiting mine!

  2. ...and how is it that you look so amazing and calm and fresh? I looked like a big, sweaty mess.

  3. Joys, it was southern Ontario on July 1st weekend. Temp and humidity both in the '90s. My parents' house had no air conditioning.
    So thank you! But I think it must be the quality of the pic that makes it look that way.

  4. I was seldomly weighed during my pregnancy (midwives are less sticky with that rule and I didn't want to fret about it). But I don't think I looked as good as you when I was labouring at 39 weeks, two weeks sooner than you!

  5. That is pretty impressive, but I'm still not convinced I don't win. ;-) Besides, you cheated by basically being pregnant for 2 years straight.

    How much did baby number two weigh - did she manage to justify the weight gain? Since Asher was a couple ounces shy of 9 lbs, I tried to convince myself it was his fault when I maxed out at 60 lbs with him. But even taking into account the water retention, placenta, etc, I think a good 40 lbs of it was all me.

  6. When I was born, I was a month and 2 days overdue...thank goodness for inductions!!!!

    That's a great picture!

  7. N. She weighted 8.6 lb. And I had all but ten pounds of the first baby's gain off when I got pregnant again. (My daughters are 15 months apart.) By the time second daughter was six months, I was down close to my ideal weight -- I was losing a pound for a half pound she gained. I recall figuring this out somewhat groggily after my doctor gave me hell.
    I was also twenty-five, and the weight comes off comparatively easily at that age, especially when you are hoicing two baskets of diapers upstairs and onto a clothes line daily.
    Thanks for the compliments y'all; I wish I looked like that now, she said sadly.

  8. I think you look great in that picture. I LOVE that picture.

    And yes, joy's picture is hot!

  9. Gorgeous!! And you look awfully serene for July and your due date.

    I gained almost 50 pounds, and lost about 35 pounds within weeks of the birth, but at some point I started gaining at about the rate of my son.