Thursday, 17 May 2007

Under the Mad Hat's comment group inspired me to do this.

Two drunken professors were leaning on a bar arguing about the relative merits of their favourite poets. The rest of the patrons joined in and challenged the profs to make up a couplet in the style of their favourite, winner to be given the right to call his poet the best.
The subject was decided on -- a man with bowed legs walking down a road.

Prof #1, who taught the Romantics, declaimed
'Over the hill and down the road
Walks a man whose legs are bowed.'

He received much acclaim, but the Shakespearean prof was declared a winner with this submission:
'Lo, what manner of man is this
Who wears his balls in parenthesis'.



  1. He he he he he he he he. I'm off to show the MadDad now. He likes a good Elizabethan joke.

  2. Heh.

    And...I've tagged you for a meme. No idea what I'm talking about? Come visit my site to see.

  3. two well placed poetic lines, but i fear that "alas" would be preferable to "Lo"