Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Grama Considers a Bit

This post is up at GNM Parents as a guest blog courtesy of Slouching Mom (whose slot I am subbing in for a couple of posts) and the technical whizzes who run the site. There are some really, really fascinating posts there and it is well worth taking a run through.

Our five (almost six!) year old granddaughter, whom I can't keep calling "Little Stuff" much longer, staying with us last weekend while her parents were away. When we took her home on Monday night, the house looked like a daycare from hell. A puzzle on the coffee table and another on the record cabinet, her drawing table and chair surrounded by ink sticks and paper and feathers and plastic eyes and stickers, her cross stitch pieces on the couch, her paint by number on my sewing table, assorted pine cones, pieces of moss and other treasures in bags here and there....... well, you get the picture.

I spent Tuesday alternately putting stuff away, wiping sticky finger prints off the windows, vacuuming up grit and collapsing in my reading chair where I promptly went to sleep. However, she had a good time. I got an email from her mother that said she had talked non stop from the time we delivered her until her bedtime, telling her parents all she had done and seen. And that's all good; if she likes to stay with us, her parents don't have to worry about her while they are away.
Little Stuff will turn six this spring. Watching her grow is a bit like seeing a speed video of a flower unfolding.
Still reading? Pop over to Grandparenting: Building Memories to see the rest.


  1. I read the whole thing, but I'll comment here. It's amazing how we grow with our grandchildren. You are also a flower unfolding.

  2. You are a brilliant Grandma, although I do think you should start knitting Barbie clothes ... (snicker)

  3. I think as the grandma, you're allowed to call her little stuff forever. I would be sad if my grandma stopped calling me by a pet name just because I got big.

  4. I experience this all the time, the sticky finger marks , the toys everywhere, the timers that get switched off or altered. Times this by 4 when my other grand children visit and there is total chaos!
    They are worth it though, aren't they!
    You sound like the perfect Gran........ just like me! LOL!

  5. My grandmother had us for a visit. My two toddlers ran their sticky fingers all over her sliding glass door. I went to wipe it on the last day of our trip. She said No, don't do that. She liked to keep it for a few days to just look and cherish the memory of us being there. I always thought that was so sweet.

  6. I always feel so guilty when my mom comes over and the house looks like a toy box exploded and I didn't bother to clean up the debris. Is it wrong that it makes me feel better that your house was a mess after she left...?