Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Freed Adjectivers wave to onlookers as they leave their prison.


Blogland, North America
March 31st, 2009

A small crowd of onlookers applauded today as the imprisoned Latinate adjectives were freed. Negotiations between JAPE and Blogland authorities continue and are expected to last far into the night. The status of constrained 'which' clauses is believed to be under consideration. Sources confirm that the matter of metaphors has been abridged too far.
The fate of Mary G is still unclear at this time.

The word 'nonplussed' comes to you via Sarah at Slouching Past Forty. Although her Word of the Day list is actually on Facebook, I do not know how to get you there to see the gems she comes up with and so I am sending you to her blog as it is just as much fun.

I figured I had better put the credit in because she's down there in the comments section, snarling.


  1. "The matter of metaphors has been abridged too far"! I love you! (And crepuscular is one of my favourite words)

  2. I had to look up 'refulgent'. Obviously, my education was lacking ....

  3. This is blogging, Mary. I din thinck we had to be scmart.

  4. hey! you used my adjectives! some credit, please? :)

  5. actually, mary, you won't believe this, but i've been doing word of the day on twitter for maybe two months now and have featured both refulgent and crepuscular as well (mad will verify). weird, eh?

    great minds?

  6. and here's a link to all of my words of the day. for completeness' sake. ;)


  7. It looks as if you've got Slouchy's #. Those adjectives are no doubt on a plane right at this very moment, returning to her sweet loving arms.

  8. Slouchy and Mad: Damn that's funny. I don't Twitter, or I would have stolen all of them. You know the saying? Two minds with but a single thought are usually known as............. halfwits.
    I wondered what organization was behind the kidnapping.