Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday Mision -- Wheeeee!

This week's Mission is to describe a theme park ride or attraction. Thanks to Painted Maypole for organizing this. You can find all the players on Mr Linky at her website.

Welcome to Eastern Ontario's Wonderland. Step right up to our main attraction. That's right, it's the Change in Temperature Roller coaster.

Let me strap you onto your block of ice seat. Safety regulations, you know. Don't worry if you feel a bit cold because now we start the ride. Ah, see that temperature climb. From 0ºC to 10º C in one thrilling swoop. See the snow and ice melt. Feel the rain come down. Duck! You are now passing under the blocked eave trough which is, of course, the source of the ice cold stream of water running down your neck.

Are you slipping around on your seat a bit? Never fear. In what will seem like seconds, the temperature is going to drop back to -10º C. You will freeze to your seat in a flash.

You want to get off the ride? Okay. Watch the path as you are leaving -- it's a bit slipp... Oh dear.

What do you mean, you are going to sue? You can't sue Mother Nature, my dear. She'll just slip away into the fog, or snow, or rain.


  1. he he he. nicely done. AND i see you learned how to do the strikethrough. congrats. ;)

  2. That’s an unaccommodating ride—I want off!

    I want to know the secret of the strike through. I tried to use it today, I worked up my post in a word processer with the strike through, but it disappeared in the post! Please share.

  3. That park must be a chain. I think we're riding a similar ride here in Northern Ontario. But today, warm ISH. I'll take it.

  4. This ride makes me queasy. Make it stop.

  5. Brilliant! Do you know what I hate? It's how the weather forecast keeps saying that in about 3 days, it will be well above 0 and sunny. But by the time that day has gotten to you, it's changed to -3 and freezing rain. But three days from now, it swears it will be sunny and warm. They hold that warm, sunny day out like a carrot to get you through more sleet and yuck.